Brink Wiki

downed screen

Incapacitated, or "downed" is the state a character will enter after all his health is depleted. The screen will turn to black and white, and a counter will displayed at the bottom of the screen, showing the player how much time is left before they are able to respawn at the closest spawn point. 5 courses of action may be taken from here:

  • You may choose to wait for help, and be given a health syringe by a medic, which you use at a time of your choosing to revive yourself on the spot,
  • You may choose to "tap out," and be revived at the closest respawn point the next time the spawn wave counter reaches zero,
  • You may be killed by a melee attack from an enemy player, in which case you will be revived at the closest spawn point (typically a Command Post) the next time the respawn wave counter reaches zero.
  • If you are a Medic and have purchased the Self Resurrection Ability using a Level Credit then you can revive yourself when you want to, just like if another medic where to give you a health syringe.
  • If you are an Operative and have purchased the Cortex Bomb Ability, you can detonate this.