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Jacket is a part of character Customization in Brink.


Jacket is an option for the torso that covers all forms of shirts, jackets, vests and armour. This option is displayed over the various Shirt and Body Tattoo options.

Jacket is one of the core options featured as part of the various Outfit Archetypes in Brink. Each faction has a completely different selection of Jacket options and colors are often not always shared for each.


"The Bomb" "The Bouncer" "The Bug" "The Jesse" "The Tank" "The Tank Vest"
The Bomb The Bouncer The Bug The Jesse The Tank The Tank Vest
"The Unit" "The Eel" "The Freak" "The Good Cop" "The Limey" "The Look"
The Unit The Eel The Freak The Good Cop The Limey The Look
"The Shield"
The Shield


"The Anger" "The Boiler Suit" "The G" "The Dude" "The Sad Punk" The Straps
The Anger The Boiler Suit The G The Dude The Sad Punk The Straps
"The Fortress" "The Lost" "The Voice" "The Warrior" "The Wasted" "The Firestarter"
The Fortress The Lost The Voice The Warrior The Wasted The Firestarter


  • The Tank Vest is the only option that is a named alternative of another Jacket.
  • The Straps is the only option that is not part of an Archetype.
  • The Wasted is a non-named alternative of The Straps.
  • The Sweat is the only Archetype to not feature a Jacket item.

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