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Kalt Select Icon.png
Type Handgun
Sub-Type Pistol
Damage 30
Rate of Fire 0.165
Accuracy Stand 1.4
Crouch 1.2
Sight 1.0
Reload Speed 1.155
Equip Speed 0.165
Ammo Clip/Max 12/36/48

The Kalt is a Pistol in Brink.


The Kalt can be described as the basic pistol of Brink due to its balanced statistics in all areas. These average stats allow it to be extremely versatile and a fair sidearm for most primary weapon choices.

It performs well in all areas with enough stability and magazine capacity to be fired from the hip or while moving, as well as average damage and accuracy for relatively ranged engagements.






Player Notes[]

  • Due to a lack of obvious downsides, the Kalt is applicable for many Attachments.
    • In particular, the Extended Magazine attachment further enhances its performance when firing from the hip for extended firefights.
  • The Kalt is a great sidearm to use if one is playing as a Light body type with Downed Fire purchased, as it has decent accuracy and rate of fire, even under Downed Fire's imposed accuracy and recoil penalties.


  • The name is a play on the name of the real gun manufacturing company Colt. It also somewhat resembles one of their products, namely the M1911.
  • The bullet ejector port is usually seen on the left side of the Kalt in gameplay vids, but in the Customization menu (see below) the port is on the right.


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