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Kross Select Icon.png
Type Light
Sub-Type Submachine Gun
Damage 18
Rate of Fire 0.066
Accuracy Stand 1.4
Crouch 1.3
Sight 1.2
Reload Speed 1.815
Equip Speed 0.330
Ammo Clip/Max 35/175/210

The Kross is a Submachine Gun in Brink.


The Kross can be described as the basic submachine gun of Brink, featuring relatively average statistics across the board. It's a versatile weapon platform that's relatively effective in most situations. It is a close range weapon.

One of the Kross' defining features is its slightly above average magazine capacity. The downside to this is that it also has a slightly below average damage rating. In both categories it's second only to the Galactic.






Player Notes[]

  • The Kross' ranged performance can be improved using stability Attachments, like Muzzle Brakes and a Front Grip, to make suppressive fire tactics more accurate.
  • The Kross MP can be seen as the big brother of the Tampa MP. Like the Tampa its magazine capacity is very high and the gun has a good rate of fire. Instead of the Tampa you can also shoot the Kross MP very accurate from the hip and in far distances due to it's low recoil.
  • If you take want to take the Kross MP into a close combat make sure you have a secondary weapon loaded and ready because reloading the Kross will take some time you probably won't have in a fight. The Drum Magazine takes very long to be reloaded but gives the Kross an amount of 70 rounds which should be enough to take down atleast 3 or 4 Medium Type enemies, so it is recommended to equip the Kross with those Magazines.
  • The Kross is an effective hip-fire weapon, and at short ranges is more reliable fired from the hip, being able to take down heavy body types within a few seconds.
    • Attaching a Front Grip and a Muzzle Brake further increase the Kross' hipfire stability.
  • The Kross is a good weapon for spraying and taking down multiple enemies when a drum magazine, front grip and a muzzle brake are attached.
    • Like with most weapons, spraying tactics deplete ammunition quickly and are only recommended for Soldiers, as they can refill their own ammunition.


  • The Kross is based on the TDI Vector. The Vector has a recoil-compensating system known as the Kriss Super V, which is the inspiration for the name of the Kross.
  • It was one of the first weapons shown in the game, first seen in the Container City gameplay. It is also the most commonly seen gun in trailers and publicity stills.


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