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BRINK Landmine icon.png
Class Engineer
Rank 1
Passive False

Landmine is an Engineer Ability that is available by default.


Part of the Standard Engineer Kit, this lets you plant a mine on flat surfaces. Plant a new one, and the old one is removed. Your mine's status is shown in the HUD at bottom left. Enemies can't see these mines unless spotted by their Operatives. You can re-map the mine on this screen.

Laying a Mine[]

In order to place Mines, players must select the appropriate Ability shortcut. A white outline of the mine will then appear on the ground and players can move around to alter its position.

Some areas do not allow deployment of objects, the outline will turn red if the mine is currently undeployable. Once a desired location has been found, hold the action button to begin deploying the mine.

Mines are normally hidden to the enemy team. However, enemy Operatives can spot mines for their team by placing a mark on the radar and enemy Engineers can then defuse mines using their Repair Tool. Spotted mines can also be detonated by weapons fire.

If a mine is stepped on, it will be revealed and will only detonate if stepped off of. Thus, if one has trodden on a mine, they may be able to stay put long enough for an engineer to come disarm it.

While lethal (or near lethal) at lower levels, Landmines are less of a danger at higher levels thanks to Improved Health Buffs and Upgraded Health Command Post buffs (not to mention player-specific bonuses like Heavy body types or Battle Hardened). It is therefore suggested that the player uses Landmines not as a weapon but as an early warning system, blocking off entrances and choke points. When the mine icon(s) disappear from the HUD, the player can go back to where they planted the mines and finish off the opposition.


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