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Lazarus Grenade
BRINK Lazarus Grenade icon.png
Class Medic
Rank 5
Passive False

Lazarus Grenade is a Medic Ability.


The Lazarus Grenade is an experimental pharmaceutical aerosol bomb, letting you revive all Incapacitated teammates within its healing cloud. There is a Cooldown period between successive uses.


This is equipped as a replacement for standard Frag Grenades, which instead of dealing damage will provide any teammates in its blast radius with the ability to revive themselves.


  • The name is a reference to the Christian Bible. "Lazarus of Bethany is the subject of a miracle recounted only in the Gospel of John,[1] in which Jesus restores Lazarus to life after four days dead."
  • If timed perfectly, a medic can toss it at his feet as he is knocked down and use it to revive himself.

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