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Level Credits are a type of currency in Brink's customization. Level Credits allow the player to purchase specialized Abilities.

After reaching a new level with a character, that character receives one additional Level Credit, up to a maximum of twenty. Each ability costs only one Credit each, but some abilities are only unlocked after reaching a certain Rank (for instance, the Medic's Lazarus Grenade).

The pictures below circle the Rank required to have that Ability, not the Credit requirements. The cost for each Ability says COST Ox00 (the O being the level credit symbol) because he has already purchased that ability.


  • Despite their being a total of 20level credits when the player reaches rank 5 or level 20, They still don't have enough level credits to purchase all the abilites in-game.
  • The Agents of Change DLC adds more abilites as well as a chance to get 4 more level credits, However the player still has to choose their new abilites wisely.

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