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Drum Magazine on a Carb-9 SMG

Magazine Attachments are a type of weapon attachment in Brink, and can be outfitted to a weapon through the Weapon Customization menu. Improved magazines have increased ammunition capacity, which allow players to last longer in combat without a resupply. Some specialize in decreasing reload times, while others specialize in massive ammunition counts. Unfortunately, all magazine attachments increase the time it takes to equip a weapon.

Known Magazines[]

  • Standard Magazine
    The standard magazine for all guns.
  • High-Capacity Magazine
    A larger magazine that increases ammo count per magazine by one-half of a standard magazine's count.
  • Duct-Taped Magazines
    Although these magazines provide no ammunition count increase, two magazines duct-taped together provide a faster reload speed for every other reload.
  • Drum Magazine
    A massive ammunition magazine that contains double the ammunition count of a standard magazine in one large casing.