Medic Logo Medic
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Role Healing/Revival
  • Healing Syringes
  • Revive Syringes

The Medic is a Class in Brink.


It's the Medic's job to keep everyone alive. He can use Health buffs to make his and his teammate's life meters longer, and rescue incapacitated teammates and VIPs using Revive Syringes.


The Medic functions as the key supportive role, able to heal both his team and himself. Medics come equipped with a variety of syringes which can heal teammates, buff themselves and teammates and revive incapacitated teammates. The Medic is essential for VIP Escort Objectives as he is the only one able to revive and buff the VIP. Medics should always be around their teammates so they can keep them alive and well.

Medics are encouraged to heal other players, as they receive more points for healing hurt or downed teammates than killing. Self-healing takes longer and grants 10 points.


Medic Logo.png Medic Abilities
Standard Medic Kit Metabolism Speed Boost Lazarus Grenade
Adrenaline Boost Transfer Supplies Improved Life Buff Field Regen Unit
Increase Supplies Improved Increase Supplies Self Resurrection BRINK Fill icon

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  • Always try to kill a medic(s) first to stop them from healing other teammates. (Rank 4 and 5)
  • Medics Both AI and Players have the ability to revive themselves (if possible) so it's important to kill medics while they're incapacitated. (Rank 4 and 5)
  • Do you know what's worse than a medic? Two medics! So be sure to kill them after they are incapacitated!
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