Medium Turret
BRINK Medium Turret icon.png
Class Engineer
Rank 3
Passive False

Medium Turret is an Engineer Ability in Brink.


This lets you plant a more powerful auto-turret which will detect and fire at any enemies. You cannot purchase this Ability without first purchasing Light Turret.


The Medium Turret is a deployable item which serves as an upgrade for the Light Turret. As the middle point of deployable turrets, it deals damage comparable with an Assault Rifle. It is a prerequisite for the Gatling Turret.

Player Notes

  • Due to its more respectable damage, this turret is a more viable option for deployment in an exposed position than the Light Turret.
  • Like all turrets though, it still benefits from ambush tactics. Particularly in locations that can't be seen until enemies are busy interacting with objectives (i.e. Command Posts).
  • Further, it also benefits greatly from collaborating Landmine placement to cover its blind spots.
  • Turrets can also function as alarms by placing them where enemies will have to destroy them before passing, also slowing their approach and forcing them to use ammo or a grenade.

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