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Molotov Cocktail
BRINK Molotov Cocktail icon.png
Class Soldier
Rank 1
Passive False

Molotov Cocktail is a Soldier Ability that is available by default.


Molotov Cocktails explode on impact, burning everything in their blast area. There is a Cooldown period between successive uses. This is part of the Standard Soldier Kit, and can be mapped to any direction on the Ability wheel.


The Molotov Cocktail is a makeshift incendiary grenade typically used in riots. The weapon consists of a glass bottle of flammable liquid (usually petrol), stopped at the opening with an alcohol-soaked rag which is lit on fire.

Once lit, the Molotov is then thrown at a target, causing the glass to shatter on impact and the liquid to ignite. The liquid easily seeps into cracks between armor, and is very dangerous, if not outright lethal, to human targets.


Molotovs provide a greater explosive range and knockdown effect than typical grenades. They also have a separate cooldown timer, meaning they can be thrown in conjunction with other grenades. The downside is that they require a section of the supply meter in order to be thrown.

To throw a Molotov, it needs to be mapped to the appropriate Ability wheel button. The button is used to equip Molotovs instead of standard Frag Grenades. Once equipped, pressing the grenade button throws a Molotov instead. The flames produced by the grenade are purely cosmetic and do not last past the detonation.

Unlike the normal grenade Molotovs cannot be cooked, meaning holding the grenade throw button with a Molotov selected will not have any effect on the performance of the grenade.


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