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Muzzle Brakes
Type Front
Unlock Escort Duty *
Pro Increased Stability
Con Decreased Range

Muzzle Brakes are a series of Attachments in Brink.


All Muzzle Brakes improve your aim with the weapon, and also affect the muzzle flash pattern. The choice of which flash pattern is purely cosmetic, so choose the one you like the most.


Muzzle Brakes are Front Attachments for most Weapons that decrease both the amount and duration of recoil when firing. In exchange, the weapon succumbs to damage falloff at a shorter range.

It has been suggested that they also cause the player to appear on radar at longer distances, due to the weapon being louder. All Muzzle Brakes function identically, the only difference is the appearance.


  • In real life, muzzle brakes lower recoil by directing the exiting of propellant gases. By doing this, the climbing and/or loss of accuracy is lessened. However, the relocation of the gases makes the gun louder.
  • The Tokmak's brake is simply called "Muzzle Brake", despite the venting indicating it is actually an Up-Vent.


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