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Napalm Grenades
BRINK Napalm Grenades icon.png
Class Soldier
DLC Agents of Change
Rank 5
Passive False

Napalm Grenades are a Soldier Ability.


Napalm Grenades blanket an area with fire which will damage all enemies who try to pass through it. The napalm will last for a short time and then burn out. There is a Cooldown period between successive uses.


Napalm Grenades provide temporary area denial capabilities to the Soldier similar to that of the Operative's Caltrop Grenades.

The difference between Napalm Grenades and Caltrops is that the Napalm Grenade deals damage when it explodes and the flames created by the napalm cannot be walked across to prevent damage.

However the effect is also much smaller in radius and much shorter lived, lasting only a few seconds. As such Napalm Grenades are a situational weapon used to quickly get an opponent to move or retreat.


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Agents of Change
Maps Founders' Tower · Labs
Abilities Tactical Scanner · Napalm Grenades · Field Regen Unit · Pyro Mines · UAV
Attachments Bayonet · Weapon Shield
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