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Neil 'exedore' Alphonso is the Lead Game Designer for Brink.

Official description from Splash Damage official site[]

Joining us across a rope bridge composed of all our monitor cables and phone chargers comes Neil 'exedore' Alphonso. Formed by brazing together ribbons of steel and iron, as if forging a shotgun barrel using the Damascus method, Neil brings with him a host of experience, much of it clothed, some of it legal, and has had an immediate impact on our Map-Makering Pit, which he rules with a rod of iron. And a rod of steel. And a rod of chalk. And another rod of iron. And a loaf of bread. And a wallaby. Oh is that not your wallaby? It must be somebody’s wallaby. Well I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking. OK. OK, fine. Yes I will. Thank you.

In addition to waving pointy carrots and tempting sticks at our level designers, Neil can like totally fly. He was also very heavily implicated in the mappery of Killzone 2, which be purdy. Neil’s hobbies include Being Awesome, lathing candlesticks upon his patented vibraphone-loom and cutting a rug. He always says you can’t make a map without breaking eggs. No, not you personally. In general. And wait, that’s an omelette. Maybe I was thinking of a meringue. Anyway, he breaks eggs, constantly. There must be a reason.