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Objectives are a kind of activity the players will be tasked with accomplishing in Brink. Each class has its own objectives to do. Completing a objective will get you experience points. At any time on the battlefield, the player can select the most important objective by tapping up.

Objective wheel[]

New Objective wheel

The objective wheel (seen to the right) is a helping hand for players to find objectives. To access the objective wheel, hold up on the D-pad. When a player picks an objective, an arrow at the top of the screen guides him to the objective. The most important objective is always at the top of the wheel, which can be selected by pressing up on the D-pad. The objective wheel will automatically update itself depending on the battle scenario.

General objectives[]

Carry objectives

  • Change class
  • Escort target
  • Carry objectives
  • Capture command posts

Operative objectives[]

Hack objective

Engineer objectives[]

Engineers can construct machine gun nests

  • Upgrade teammates weapons
  • Plant mines
  • Repair crane
  • Upgrade Command Post
  • Repair the bot
  • Construction and Repair objectives

Soldier objectives[]

Destruction objectives

  • Destroy shortcut obstacle
  • Resupply Teammates' Ammo
  • Plant HE charge

Medic objectives[]

Medics can heal the escort target

  • Heal/revive teammates
  • Buff teammates' health
  • Revive escort/target