Operative Logo.png Operative
Operative Pic.jpg
Role Espionage/Sabotage
  • Hackbox
  • Disguise Kit

The Operative is a Class in Brink.


Operatives are the spies of Brink. They can hack computers to complete certain Mission Objectives and can also disguise themselves as the enemy. They are the only class that can spot hidden landmines.


The Operative functions as the special forces or spy who focuses on flanking the enemy to sabotage their efforts. Operatives come equipped with a Hackbox, used to gain control of various devices and complete Hacking Objectives. They also have a Disguise Kit to disguise themselves as enemy players. Finally they are also able to naturally Spot enemy Landmines.

The Operative spends most of their time behind enemy lines, away from their teammates. As such, the Operative has several abilities aimed to indirectly combat the enemy and facilitate quick escapes when necessary.

Operative Logo.png Operative Abilities
BRINK Standard Operative Kit icon.png
BRINK Comms Hack icon.png
BRINK Hack Turret icon.png
BRINK EMP Grenades icon.png
BRINK Firewall Command Post icon.png
BRINK Sticky Bomb icon.png
BRINK Control Turret icon.png
BRINK UAV icon.png
BRINK Homing Beacon icon.png
BRINK Caltrop Grenades icon.png
BRINK Cortex Bomb icon.png
BRINK Fill icon.png

Player Notes

Although the Operative is seemingly rarely used (both by CPU/AI players and real players), they are both useful and vital in so many small ways that often, their usefulness is overlooked. Always make sure you have one skillful Operative (the best ones are the ones that primarily choose to be Operatives) on your team who knows that it is important to spot mines, hack turrets and spot enemies via Homing Beacon or Comms Hack.

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There is also now a FaceBook page for Brink players who primarily act as the Operative class.!/BrinkOperative

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