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The outside world consists of one or more landmasses located outside of the Ark. It is inhabited by those who failed to reach the Ark when the seas rose.

The Resistance believe that they can seek help from the outside world by escaping the Ark. Joseph Chen hopes to contact the outside world and seek their assistance in repairing the Ark's sterile and decaying Arkoral structures.

The Security mission "Grand Theft Aero" reveals that the outside world is in worse shape than the Ark, and that it is home to savages and barbarians. Prior to the events of Brink, a scouting party had been sent to make contact with any remaining human civilizations in the outside world. The scouts were killed in "the worst possible way"[1] after being tortured for information regarding the Ark's location. The Security and Founders kept the mission and its outcome secret, and relocated the Ark to avoid attacks by the outside world. The Security do not have the resources needed to move the Ark a second time; if they fail to stop the Resistance from traveling to the outside world, then the Resistance will inadvertently lead hostile invaders back to the Ark.[2]


At the end of the game, regardless of which side won, an unknown ship complimented with helipad and a holographic map of the Ark, sails towards the floating city, signaled by the Resistance or from the smoke from the battles.

The Agents of Change DLC maps have Chen reference that Nechayev returned with help from the outside world, but the outside world wants the original Arkoral sample. This leads to the events of the labs map. The Founder's Tower map is meant to reveal the Ark's location to the rest of the world unless Security can defuse the bomb planted near the top parts of the tower.


  1. Encrypted personal journal entry by Founder Barbara Elmhurst
  2. Narration by Clinton Mokoena before the mission What-If: Grand Theft Aero: "Men. What I am about to tell you is highly classified... There is an outside world. But it is in even worse shape than Ark. Thirteen years ago, we tried reestablishing contact with them. The team we sent was tortured and killed to reveal our location. We had to move it to prevent that; we don't have the resources to move it again."