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Parkour, often referred to as freerunning, is a type of manual transportation discipline that allows a person to move swiftly and flowing throughout their surrounding environment via running, jumping, vaulting, climbing, etc.. Brink's S.M.A.R.T. system is based highly on the principles of parkour.

The availability of different parkour techniques is dependent of the build a player has chosen for a character. While light body types will have access to the full range of parkour moves in the game, medium builds will have less, and respectively, even less moves will be available to characters of a heavy build.

Lights' will have the ability to climb story high objects, Mediums' will be able to climb eye level objects, and Heavies' will be able to climb table high objects.

Brink parkour

Some confirmed parkour techniques are to be:

  • Mantling - Climbing up onto a higher level
  • Vaulting - hefting one's self over a low wall
  • Sliding
  • Wallrunning
  • Wallhopping