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Parkour This
Sp challenge 05.jpg
Console Name sp/challenge_05
Attacker Resistance
Objectives 2
Areas 1
MG Nests 0

Parkour This is a Challenge in Brink. Completing the Three Star challenge gives the player access to the Parkour This leaderboards.


Like all challenges, Parkour This has three different stages ranked by difficulty. Completing a stage unlocks the following stage. The one star difficulty allows the user 3 minutes to pass nine checkpoints (indicated by glowing lights in the floor). Although there are recommended paths, a player can complete the lights in any order they choose. The two star stage allows 2 minutes and provides a slightly more difficult course, and the three star stage allows only 1 minute for the most challenging course.


The challenge score is based on the amount of time it takes to complete as well as route bonuses. Route bonuses add around 9800 points per bonus (there are 10 in all so it comes to around 98000) and can drastically change a player's score. As for the amount of time, for each second that is left on the timer when you finish you will get 1000 points.

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