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Pelgos are artificial islands upon which housing and other structures are built. The Ark contains hundreds of pelgos, built with a varying range of materials. The term "pelgo" is a clipped form of "archipelago", a word which refers to a natural cluster of islands.[1]

Each pelgo is a spar; its mass is mostly below sea level, and a "ballast control section" is used to keep the pelgo afloat.[2] Although the pelgos near the Upper Ark are quite reliable, the Guests' pelgos are very dangerous to live in. The Ark's extreme resource shortage forced the Ark's population to construct Guest pelgos from recycled steel, which is prone to corrosion and collapse.[3]

List of known pelgos[]

  • Roughly a dozen pelgos are known to exist in close proximity to the Founders' Tower.[4]
  • Recycling Pelgo[5]
  • Pelgo 1014
  • Pelgo 11 (The Resistance Sea Eagle has 'Pelgo 11' etched on the side, possibly indicating where the gun was made.)
  • Pelgo 12 (The Resistance Euston has 'Pelgo 12' painted on the side, possibly indicating where the gun was made.)
  • Pelgo 14 (The Resistance version of the Rhett has 'Never Forget P14' painted on the side, possibly standing for Pelgo 14. What the message means is unknown, though considering its phrasing the pelgo may have been the victim of a tragedy.)
  • Pelgo 10 ( In one of the digatal maps in Security Checkpoint, there is a map showing nearby pelgos.


  1. Quote from Ishmael, shown on loading screens.
    The Ark is made up of hundreds of artificial islands called Pelgos, a corruption of the word Archipelago.
  2. Informative text in Aquarium.
    Each pelgo is constructed on the "floating spar" principle: it has most of its mass under sea level and incorporates a ballast control section that keeps the pelgo both buoyant and stable.
  3. Quote from Ishmael, shown on loading screens.
    Most of the Guest Pelgos are made from recycled steel. Steel rusts. Steel sinks. Time is running out.
  4. Opening cinematic for Shipyard (Security-side). One of the officers says: "Founder's Tower goes down, it takes a dozen other pelgos with it, at least! We're dealing with animals!"
  5. Quote from Ishmael, shown on loading screens.
    The Ark's Recycling Pelgo breaks down organic waste to produce food. The Ark's burial customs vary.