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This map is the setting for two fo the final missons in each campaign. It is considered one of the longest missons having five objectives for the player to complete in each mission.


Warning: Spoilers!

The final misson of the Resistance campaign and the second "What-if" mission of the Security campaign. This mission is one of the longest and hardest missions requiring support from almost all classes. Finishing this mission gives you the "You've Escaped the Ark" Achievement/Trophy if beaten by the Resistance and the "To Protect and Serve" Achievement/Trophy as part of the "What-if" missions.


Warning: Spoilers! This main objective of this mission is to steal a plane and the supplies needed to fly it and escape the Ark to find people from the outside world.

Primary Objectives:

  • Soldier Destroy the Storage Depot Doot
  • Deliver the Hydraulic Fluid
  • Operative Hack the Warehouse Controls
  • Deliver the Avionics
  • Engineer Repair the Fuel Pump

This mission requires support from every class and can be one of the most frusterating in the game. If you are playing with others be sure to have a lot of skilled medics and make sure that there is more than one person working on the each objective, especially the hack objective.

This mission ends when the Resistance repairs the fuel pump, it is followed with a cutsence showing the plane (piloted by Nechayev) leaving the Ark in search of survivors of the floods caused by global warming. During the cutscene the player is given the "You've Escaped the Ark" Achievement/Trophy.


Warning: Spoilers!

The second and final "What-if" mission that is an alternate reality from the actual campaign. The "What-if" missions for the Security are based off of if Necheyev escape from prison and the Resistance were able to escape the Ark. The mission starts with Captain Mokoena, leader of the Security Forces telling you classified information. He says that the outside world was not completely destroyed by the floods, however the remaining population is in turmoil. He says that a few years ago the founders sent an exploritory group to see if there were any remain of civilization. The crew found other people but they were tortured to death in an atempt to reveal the Ark's coordinates. Captain Mokoena says that if Chen's men find the outside world they would suffer the same fate and the Ark would be in grave danger.

This mission is a defence mission and is essentially the oppisite of the last mission of the Resistance campaign. While that mission is bery difficult due to the many objectives two being delivery objectives, this mission is very easy with many chokepoints to cut the resistance off at.

Primary Objectives:

  • Engineer Defend the Storage Depot Door
  • Defend the Hydraulic Fluid
  • Engineer Defend the Warehouse Controls
  • Defend the Avionics
  • Defend the Fuel Pump

Since all of the objectives are defence you simply have to hold your ground at the objectives and wait it out. This mission ends when the time runs out and there is no overtime. Once finished there is a cutscene where the Resistance retreats to there boat. During the cutscene the player recives the "To Protect and Serve" Achievement/Trophy for beating all Security mission including "What-if" missions.