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Rhett Select Icon.png
Type Medium
Sub-Type Assault Rifle
Damage 32
Rate of Fire 0.099
Accuracy Stand 2.3
Crouch 2.3
Sight 1.4
Reload Speed 2.046
Equip Speed 0.561
Ammo Clip/Max 25/50/100

The Rhett is an Assault Rifle in Brink.


The Rhett functions as the traditional high damage assault rifle of Brink and thus its sole advantage is slightly higher per-shot damage, only topped in its category by the semi-automatic Rokstedi. It also features average stability and reload speed.

Unfortunately it is the least accurate assault rifle, with almost half the accuracy of the Euston even when sighted in. It also one of the highest amounts of recoil, as well as the worst equip speed and lowest magazine capacity of the fully-automatic assault rifles.

However, the massive recoil and accuracy penalty on this gun can be hugely negated by firing in short, controlled bursts.






Player Notes[]

  • The high damage per-shot of the Rhett makes it probably the best assault rifle candidate for a silencer, as it can easily cope with the damage penalty.
  • While not entirely useless, the Rhett is quite lacking when compared to the Gerund. The difference in damage per shot is negligible, and the Gerund outmatches the Rhett in almost every statistical field save for Rate of Fire.
    • As a result of these drawbacks, the Rhett is relagated to use almost solely as a silenced weapon for holding choke points, where the short range to target can negate its poor accuracy.
  • The weapon benefits a lot for a high capacity mag. Adding a front grip too helps stability. Underslung grenade launchers are NOT recommended,


  • The Rhett resembles the real-world SIG 551 SWAT assault rifle.
  • The naming is also a pun on its real-life counterpart. The SIG 551 is an assault rifle; hence, SIG AR. By adding "Rhett" after SIG AR, the phrase is "SIG AR Rhett", pronounced "cigarette".
  • The words "Never Forget P14" can be seen stenciled on the side of the Resistance Rhett. This is most likely a form of tribute to fallen brothers from another Pelgo.
  • The Rhett is unique in that the Bayonet is attached at a 45 degree angle, off-centered to the left.


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