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Splash Damage's Richard Ham

Richard 'Rahdo' Ham is the Creative Director of Brink.

Description from Splash Damage website[]

Joining us from the spiralling cardboard disc we use to hypnotise the elk comes Richard 'Rahdo' Ham. Richard originates in The Real World, and has been on several occasions heavily implicated in the creation of real actual games that real actual people have played, and that furthermore he has been thus involved without having turned into some sort of Hag, or Harpy or Bile-Vole. He knows things. He knows his Design-Lathes from his Production-Presses, and how to Make things, and, additionally, His Onions.

Originally hewn from a single maroon macaroon, Richard now sports alternating bands of lint, flint and bits of mint with a carvel-built wainscoting of pine strakes secured with brazen bolts. He also has pauldrons, and a sort of bascinet, but made of candy. We've estimated his height at around a kilometre but it's hard to know, the cloud cover's pretty low and the kestrels are persistent. Richard is fullered along his entire length, with a broad ricasso, and has to be physically restrained from scuba diving, even just between desks or up and down the stairs. His favourite dances are the Estampie, the Madison and the Collegiate Shag, his preferred colours are Ant and Veal. He has us beaten chin-down for beardage. He's surprisingly lifelike. He's behind you. Oh yes he is. Oh yes he is. OK, he's not, but you totally did not know that for sure.