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A demonstration of the SMART System.

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Vault over, or slide under.

The SMART System (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain) is a key feature in Brink. It allows players to easily and intuitively perform a variety of acrobatic maneuvers to navigate the environment.

Players engage SMART while sprinting. When the player approaches an obstacle, SMART analyzes the type of obstacle and the direction the player is looking and attempts to navigate the obstacle based on this information. For example a player can either climb over, or slide under an airport scanner depending on whether they approach looking at the top or bottom of it.


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Choose your paths wisely.

SMART is not an auto-pilot button, it is a tool to aid players in navigating the environment. Speed and velocity also factors into how SMART navigates objects. Depending on how fast your character moves and how you approach an object, it may take a heavy character significantly longer to navigate than a lighter character or they may be forced to take an alternate route.

This means that players need to consider their options before engaging SMART and act accordingly. If a player drops onto a ledge before climbing up, it will take significantly longer to navigate than if they had approached the ledge from below and mantled up the wall.


The following moves are available to players using SMART. The amount of options your character can use depends on its Body Type. Heavier characters will move slower and be unable to perform some SMART moves.

Wallhop (Light Only)
Jump off nearby walls to cross larger gaps or reach higher ledges.
Slide to slip under low obstacles or surprise your opponents.
Mantle (Light/Medium Only)
Pull yourself up to higher ledges - the smaller your body type, the higher up you can reach.
Get over waist-high obstacles with ease while maintaining your momentum.
Slide to Break Fall
Avoid taking damage when jumping off high ledges by stylishly sliding as you reach the ground.

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