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Sea Eagle
Sea Eagle Select Icon.png
Type Handgun
Sub-Type Pistol
Damage 55
Rate of Fire 0.264
Accuracy Stand 1.4
Crouch 1.2
Sight 1.0
Reload Speed 1.848
Equip Speed 0.231
Ammo Clip/Max 10/20/30

The Sea Eagle is a Pistol in Brink.


The Sea Eagle boasts the best unaimed accuracy of all the Handguns in Brink. This combined with the second highest damage per shot, means that it excels at longer ranges than most pistols.

The downside is that it is not as good at firing from the hip, or while moving. It is one of the least stable handguns in Brink, as well as a having relatively small magazine capacity and slow rate of fire.






Player Notes[]

  • Due to its high damage, this weapon doesn't suffer as much from the addition of a Silencer as most pistols.
  • It also benefits more from the Extended Magazine and Rapid Fire attachments to compensate for its low magazine size and rate of fire respectively.
  • Due to its accuracy, it's a good tool for snipers to finish off targets that may have survived their first shot.
    • Two shots, one from a Drognav and one from a Sea Eagle, can deal more damage than a single Barnett round. In addition, the former can be pulled off in the same amount of time as the latter if the player has a Speed Sling and Speed Holster equipped, respectively, and can be completed more times in total due to the higher magazine capacity of both weapons. In this manner, expert snipers may find this combination more superior than simply using a Barnett; however, the first shot of the Drognav may cause targets to run and find cover, as the Drognav is not as capable of decisive kills than the Barnett.


  • The name seems to be a reference to the Israel Military Industries and Magnum Research Desert Eagle.
  • Although, the appearance of it bears more resemblance to that of Ruger SR9 handgun.
  • The name might also be a reference to the fact that the Ark is a floating city on the sea.
  • The words "P11" can be seen stenciled on the side of the Resistance Sea Eagle. This likely stands for Pelgo 11 and could be a form of banner, or the location where the weapon was assembled.
  • Instead of the Desert Eagle it is the complete opposite. The Sea Eagle


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