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"We protect and serve."
-- Motto

The Security are in place to keep order on the Ark. The leader of the Security is Captain Clinton Mokoena. They have run-ins with the Resistance, often making it hard to move around the city. They see themselves as protectors of order on the Ark, but the opposing Resistance sees them as fascist oppressors. Both the Introduction to Security and the ending can be found here.

Introduction Ending


Back when the Ark was a floating five star eco-resort and R&D eco-science park, it only needed a small corporate Security team to perform risk management and VIP protection duties. But as the seas rose, and the trickle of refugees to the Ark became a flood, the Ark needed a police force. And then an armed gendarmerie. Ark Security has now expanded into a heavily armed counter-terrorism force.

Brink of civil war[]


Most Security personnel have volunteered because they're convinced that for the Ark to survive, it must have peaceful order and conserve its remaining resources. Some are simply attracted to the Security's cause by the provisional allowance of an extra daily water ration. Resistance provocations have forced Security to clamp down on guest unrest, which has lead to the Ark teetering on the brink of outright revolt.


In contrast to the Resistance, the Security is known to have armor of a uniform-like style, apparently professionally manufactured with well-maintained weapons, Ark Security Helicopters, and has access to a type of Bomb-Defusal Robot. Their uniforms reflect the various tasks they may be charged with, from basic security work to bomb-defusal.


  • Defeat Resistance terrorist plots
  • Protect the Ark's remaining resources
  • Maintain order and enforce law



  • It is implied that Security hide counter-insurgency operations from the public. Quotes from Ishmael, a Founder, state that Security is known to close down entire pelgos, telling the public that live-fire exercises are being conducted. Her language, however, implies that the Security instead are engaging in actual firefights and armed conflicts on these pelgos.[1]
  • Security members do not have a shirtless option like the Resistance do, this is because of their more professional look.
  • The best voted look is the Bug face gear, good cop jacket, and the bouncer pants. any color works great.


  1. Quote from Ishmael, shown on loading screens. "Ark Security often close down Pelgos to conduct Live Fire exercises. At least, that's what the newscasts say."