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Self Resurrection
BRINK Self Resurrection icon.png
Class Medic
Rank 4
Passive True

Self Resurrection is a Medic Ability.


Self Resurrection allows you to Revive yourself when Incapacitated. There is a very long Cooldown between successful uses.


This allows the Medic to revive themselves without any outside assistance. This is provided by a third button on the Incapacitated menu that acts as an existing Revive Syringe.

The cooldown is 2 minutes.

  • Even if you die, you still have to wait for the cooldown timer to end.
  • If a friendly Medic provides a Revive Syringe before you finish using Self Resurrection; it will instead consume that syringe, preventing the lengthy cooldown timer.
  • This perk goes very well with downed fire because you can clear out the area and then use Self Ressurrction.


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