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Sense Of Perspective
BRINK Sense Of Perspective icon.png
Class Universal
Rank 1
Passive True

Sense Of Perspective is a Universal Ability.


Sense Of Perspective snaps your view to a 3rd person perspective while you capture Command Posts or Build/Repair stationary objectives as an Engineer. Instead of being able to move while doing these lengthy actions, you will be able to spin your camera around to watch for enemies from all angles.


Since most of the interactions affected by this ability stop the player from moving, this is a relatively useful ability. Its utility truly shines when capturing Command Posts or completing objectives where the interaction time can be quite long.


  • Although not specifically mentioned, this Ability also extends to Soldiers planting HE Charges and Operatives planting Hackboxes.
  • On the PC version, the movement controls (WASD) are used to move the camera instead of the more intuitive mouse alternative.

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