Brink Wiki
Type Front
Unlock Parkour This **
Pro Hides Firing Location
Con Decreased Damage

The Silencer is an Attachment in Brink.


Normally you will appear on the radar of any nearby enemies whenever you fire, giving away your location. Attaching a silencer prevents this.


The Silencer is a Front Attachment for most Weapons that reduces firing sounds and stops the shooter from appearing on radar of nearby enemies. In exchange they lower the per-shot damage of the weapon they are attached to.

Soda Can/'ArkTactical'[]

The Soda Can and 'ArkTactical' Silencers are alternate Silencer skins for Resistance and Security which were only available from pre-orders containing the Psycho Pack.

They take the form of a soft drink can and Ark-branded suppressor. They both have statistically identical advantages and disadvantages to the Silencer.


  • The Submachine Guns' silencers read "S.H. ZZZZ", the onomatopoeia for a suppressed shot.
    • The upper subtext of the silencer reads "Do not aim at face" and "Keep away from puppies".
    • The lower subtext of the silencer reads "Warning: you are so much more deadlier now". This sentence is incorrect grammar-wise because "more deadlier" is a double comparison: rather, it should be "more deadly" or just "deadlier".
  • The Pistols' silencers read "Assembly requires human effort".


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