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Soldier Logo.png Soldier
Soldier Pic.jpg
Role Frontline Fighter
  • HE Charges
  • Molotov Cocktails
  • Ammo Boxes

The Soldier is a Class in Brink.


Soldiers are masters of destruction, carrying HE Charges to complete Destruction Objectives, and Molotovs. They never run out of ammo, and can hand out ammo to teammates as well.


The Soldier is your typical front-line fighter, who will lead the charge in battle. They have an HE Charge, which can be used to complete primary and secondary Destruction Objectives. They also have Molotov Cocktails which help to boost their combat potential. Finally, Soldiers are also armed with Ammo Boxes to resupply teammates with ammunition during long excursions away from Command Posts.

The Soldier is the main infantry, and as such, he is required to advance the front line and to support more specialized player classes. Most of their Abilities focus on expanding their combat potential.


Soldier Abilities
Standard Soldier Kit Flashbang Grenades Kevlar Vest Grenade Damage
Molotov Cocktail Grenade Mastery Extra Magazine Napalm Grenades
Armor Piercing Ammo Scavenge Frag Blast Satchel Charges


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