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Standard Engineer Kit
BRINK Standard Engineer Kit icon.png
Class Engineer
Rank 1
Passive True

Standard Engineer Kit is an Engineer Ability in Brink.


Engineers can complete Construction and Repair Objectives, disarm enemy HE Charges, remove enemy Hackboxes, and buff their teammates' weapon damage. They can also plant landmines that are hidden to the enemy.


Standard Engineer Kit is one of the default abilities Engineers start with alongside Landmine. It enables the Engineer to perform objective tasks and support their team, as such it is always active.


Constructing an MG Nest.

The Multi-Tool is the Engineer's primary objective equipment. It is used to construct and repair various structures in the Brink world as well as "de-hack" Operative Hackboxes and defuse Soldier HE Charges.

To use the Multi-Tool, approach the target and interact with it to begin the process. This requires the Engineer to be in direct contact with the object for a period of time, though multiple Engineers can speed up the process by interacting with it simultaneously.

It is possible to stop progress at any time and resume where you left off. There are also abilities such as Gear Head and Nerves of Steel that decrease the time taken to perform certain tasks with the Multi-Tool.

Upgrade Tool[]

Passing an upgrade tool.

Upgrade Tools are an Engineer specialty that boosts any weapon's damage by 18%. This makes the Engineer an invaluable offensive asset.

To buff a teammate's weapon, look at the desired teammate and interact with them. Your character will attempt to get within throwing range and will then pass an upgrade tool to the target which takes immediate effect.

The Engineer can also buff their own weapon using the Self-Buff button. This process takes slightly longer than buffing teammates though and does not provide any bonus XP.

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