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Standard Medic Kit
BRINK Standard Medic Kit icon.png
Class Medic
Rank 1
Passive True

Standard Medic Kit is a Medic Ability in Brink.


Medics can buff their teammates' health one pip above the normal maximum, and return Incapacitated teammates to action by throwing them a Revive Syringe. They can also Heal and Revive Escort Objective VIPs.


Standard Medic Kit is the default ability that Medics start with. It enables the Medic to perform his medical role on the battlefield, as such it is always active.

Revive Syringe[]

Throwing a Revive Syringe.

The Revive Syringe is the Medic's primary objective equipment. It is used to complete VIP Escort Objectives as well as give Incapacitated teammates a chance to get back in the fight.

To pass a Revive Syringe, approach an incapacitated teammate or the VIP and attempt to interact with them. VIPs will revive themselves immediately and begin moving again after a moment. Teammates are allowed to choose when they revive themselves, allowing them to ready themselves before they get up.

Normally it is impossible for a Medic to use a Revive Syringe on themselves, however high-level Medics are intermittently able to once they purchase the Self Resurrection ability.

Healing Syringe[]

Healing a teammate.

Healing Syringes are a Medic specialty that both instantly restores a teammates' health and boosts their maximum hit points by one pip. This makes Medics a vital supportive role in any situation.

To heal a teammate, look at them and interact with them. Your character will then move to stand next to the player and then inject them with the syringe which takes immediate effect.

The Medic can also heal themselves using the Self-Buff button. Though this process takes slightly longer than buffing teammates, does not provide any bonus XP and has a notable cooldown period between uses.

The health buff stacks with similar bonuses provided by Battle Hardened and from capturing a Command Post. The pips will grant 30, 25, 20, 15 and 10 health bonuses respectively; totalling a maximum of 100 health bonus.

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