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Standard Soldier Kit
BRINK Standard Soldier Kit icon.png
Class Soldier
Rank 1
Passive True

Standard Soldier Kit is a Soldier Ability in Brink.


Soldiers complete Destruction objectives using an HE charge, and can resupply their teammates' ammo, as well as their own. Soldiers also carry Molotov Cocktails by default, giving them more grenade power than any other class.


Standard Soldier Kit is one of the default abilities Soldiers start with alongside Molotov Cocktail. It enables the Soldier to perform objective tasks and support their team, as such it is always active.

HE Charge[]

Planting an HE Charge.

The "High Explosive" Charge is the Soldier's primary objective tool. It is used to blow up various structures and devices in the world of Brink.

To plant a charge, simply approach a target location and interact with it for a period of time to arm and plant the charge. HE Charges can only be planted at specific objective locations and they usually a countdown timer of 40 seconds. This means the enemies have plenty of time to attempt to disarm it.

Operatives are able to slow down the counter using EMP Grenades and Engineers are capable of defusing and removing the charges by default. As such, it is important to pay attention to the charge during countdown.

Ammo Box[]

Passing ammo.

Ammo Boxes are the only way for teammates to regain ammo on the battlefield without having to fall back to a Command Post.

To resupply a teammate's ammunition, look at the desired teammate and interact with them. Your character will attempt to get within throwing range and will then pass an ammo box to the target which takes immediate effect. Doing so also increases the max amount of ammo that can be carried by that player.

The Soldier can also refill their own ammunition and increase their max capacity using the Self-Buff button. Though this process takes slightly longer, does not provide any bonus XP and has a notable cooldown period between uses.


  • The only time an HE Charge can be set to a different time (20 seconds) is when destroying the lift generator during Aquarium's second phase.

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