Tactical Scanner
BRINK Tactical Scanner icon.png
Class Universal
DLC Agents of Change
Rank 5
Passive True

Tactical Scanner is a Universal Ability.


Tactical Scanner allows you to see class indicators for up to 4 buffs on enemy players when aiming at them, rather than just their health, allowing you to prioritize your targets more efficiently. Please note, if the enemy has more than 4 buffs, the Scanner will not reveal the additional ones.


Tactical Scanner is a passive ability that works by displaying class icons beneath enemy health bars depending on what buffs they currently have.

These are smaller than the normal icon, so as not to be confused as to which class the enemy is using. For example if the enemy has a health buff, they would have a small Medic icon beneath their name.

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Agents of Change
Maps Founders' Tower · Labs
Abilities Tactical Scanner · Napalm Grenades · Field Regen Unit · Pyro Mines · UAV
Attachments Bayonet · Weapon Shield
Outfits The Limey · The Sad Punk
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