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Again, referencing CoD is unneeded. The concept comes from real life. Guns are also in CoD, should we refernce it on the weapons page?

This exact arrangement used to be fairly common, but these days soldiers usually have them both facing upright to make it even faster (and keep debris from getting into the unprotected mag) A product like this would let you do either. To see how much this kind of thing helps, compare: single mag reload, dual mag reload ; both by professionals. ~Shadowcat

For reference (and any other questions) see Jungle Style on Wikipedia. Obskura 16:29, May 12, 2011 (UTC)

messed up reload[]

Has anyone noticed the first reload with Duct-Taped Mags is a slow reload. Shouldn't the first one be a fast reload not the second? Just wondering if thats on anyone elses nerves. ~Ketsu~(>-_-)>~

Ah, really? There's a whole bunch of stuff SD should get fixed; that should be one of them. AssassinLegend 21:25, May 22, 2011 (UTC)