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The Boiler Suit

The Boiler Suit.jpg

Faction Resistance
Colors 10
Head False
Face False
Jacket True
Pants True

The Boiler Suit is an Outfit Archetype in Brink.


The Boiler Suit is an outfit for Resistance characters that takes the form of a well-used boiler suit. It only consists of two items and is one of the few Resistance Archetypes to maintain a consistent color scheme.


The Jacket is a boiler suit jacket with the sleeves torn off.

It appears to have a name tag on the left side of the chest that says Mike. This suggests that everybody's characters are named Mike, it has been stolen from 'Mike' or it was found within the scraps that The Resistance make their clothes from.


The Pants are boiler suit pants with several belt pouches.


  • The Boiler Suit is worn by pivotal plot character, Nechayev.
  • The Boiler Suit is commonly paired with The Safety, both being laborer clothing.
    • A single player character can always be seen in Aquarium's intro wearing this outfit.
  • The russian word "свобода", meaning "freedom", can be seen on the right arm.

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