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The Bomb

The Bomb.jpg

Faction Security
Colors 13
Head True
Face False
Jacket True
Pants True

The Bomb is an Outfit Archetype in Brink.


The Bomb is an outfit for Security characters that takes the form of a traditional bomb suit. It consists of three items and is the only Security Outfit to feature a full 13 color schemes.

Head Gear[]

The Head Gear is a heavy-duty helmet with full-face visor.


The Jacket is a Hurt Locker-style explosive ordnance disposal suit.


The Pants are a pair of bulky leggings with kneepads and what appear to be interwoven armor strips covering the shins. The back of the legs also feature zippers that are half-open and are partially covered by two straps.

  • If you equip The Bomb pants to a light body type the straps on it are longer, due to the fact that his legs are thinner than that of the medium and/or heavy body type.


  • The design of The Bomb, as indicated by its name, is inspired by a Bombsuit.
  • The Bomb can bee seen as the Security equivalent of The Fortress, as they both have heavy armor plates, and The Fortress's Jacket appears to be a somewhat hacked up version of the vest from The Bomb's Jacket with a missing shoulder pad and added utility belts.
    • In addition, The Fortress's Pants appear to be a crude replica of The Bomb's Pants.
  • The Bomb is unique in that it has 3 more color schemes than any other Security Outfit, possibly being the most for any outfit.
  • The Tank shares a similar helmet design to The Bomb, with the visor only covering the eyes.
    • If recolored, The Tank's helmet has the acronym "B.U.M.P." written over the visor. This is probably another fictional regiment of the Security. Combined with the acronym on The Bomb's helmet, the phrase created is "F.I.S.T.B.U.M.P.", or "fistbump".
  • In the cinematic, The Bomb (with some design differences from the retail-version of the game, such as a tinted visor instead of a clear one) is shown wielding a Chinzor, and is able to survive the explosion from a Lobster grenade before killing The Warrior.
  • One of the Security characters is seen wearing this outfit in the final few missions of the campaign.
  • Interestingly, the suit has an biohazard symbol on the neck, hinting that it is suited for use in NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) areas. (CBR in the west)


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