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The Freak

The Freak.jpg

Faction Security
Colors 10
Head False
Face True
Jacket True
Pants True

The Freak is an Outfit Archetype in Brink.


The Freak is an outfit for Security characters that takes the form of an eccentric special forces uniform. It consists of three items, and can only be unlocked at level 20.

Face Gear[]

The Face Gear is a ski-mask balaclava.


The Jacket is a military-styled biker jacket.


The Pants are a pair of tight pants with jackboots.


  • The Freak's Jacket was shown in pre-release media with a green and red color scheme. However, this color scheme was not admitted into the final game. This is most likely because green and red are more common colors among the Resistance's outfits.
  • The Freak makes a brief appearance at the end of the cinematic, injuring The Anger with a Ritchie and then proceeding to finish off The Anger, ending the cinematic.
  • The Freak face gear is similar to the Spy from Team Fortress 2.


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