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The Sad Punk

The Sad Punk.jpg

Faction Resistance
Colors 10
DLC Agents of Change
Head False
Face True
Jacket True
Pants True

The Sad Punk is an Outfit Archetype in Brink.


The Sad Punk is an outfit for Resistance characters that is heavily inspired by Steampunk fiction. It is the only Archetype to feature both a Shirt and Face Paint item.

Face Gear[]

The Face Gear is a pair of goggles worn on the forehead.


The Jacket is a leather vest with arm pads and a bandolier.


The Pants are a pair of tight jeans with some pouches and a chain.


  • The Sad Punk could actually be seen in the background of some pre-release interviews.
  • The Sad Punk is one of the few (if not the only) Archetypes with five clothing options.
    • It is the third Archetype to feature its own Shirt after The Eel and The Bouncer. Currently it is the only Resistance Archetype to do so.
  • It is also the only Archetype that has its own Face Paint.
  • The name is actually derived from alternative rock band The Pixies song "The Sad Punk".
  • The armor and goggles are based off of Darwin Tremor from Smokin' Aces.


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