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The Shemagh
The Shemagh 01.jpg
Type Hair & Head Gear
Faction Resistance
Colors 10

The Shemagh is a Hair & Head Gear Customization in Brink.


The Shemagh is a piece of headwear for Resistance characters that is styled after a traditional Arabian headdress of the same name. This particular arrangement of covering the face is frequently assosciated with Middle Eastern extremists, altough it has also seen use in the British Army and other western militaries since the 1940's.


  • In the Agents of Change DLC, the Security's undercover agent is seen wearing The Shemagh to protect his identity.
  • Despite covering most of the face, it isn't considered Face Gear, and as a result can be layered with The Goggles, The Hockey Mask, The Firestarter, The Voice, and The Dude face gear items.
    • As a note, only the goggles from The Voice's face gear will be visible when layered with the Shemagh, the surgical mask will be obscured by it.
    • The Sweat's face gear removes the Shemagh, rather than layering on top of it, or being obscured by it.


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