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The Voice

The Voice.jpg

Faction Resistance
Colors 10-12
Head False
Face True
Jacket True
Pants True

The Voice is an Outfit Archetype in Brink.


The Voice is an outfit for Resistance characters that takes the form of a people's doctor. It consists of three items.

Face Gear[]

The Face Gear is a surgical procedure mask and safety glasses.


The Jacket is a button-up collar shirt under a vest and harness.


The Pants are patched jeans with Converse-style sneakers.


  • The Voice archetype can be seen in the E3 cinematic trailer, using a Barnett before being killed by Security.
  • The Jacket has a small pin with the Splash Damage logo printed on it.
  • The Voice is most likely a reference to "You're the Voice" by John Farnham, whose lyrics suit the plot of BRINK very well.
  • The writing on the jacket in the first two color schemes is Italian. The right sleeve reads "Revolt", the left reads "Beautiful Anarchy" and the front reads "masters of nothing, servants of none."

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