The Wasted

The Wasted

Faction Resistance
Colors 10-11
Head False
Face False
Jacket True
Pants True

The Wasted is an Outfit Archetype in Brink.


The Wasted is an outfit for Resistance characters that takes the form of clothing scavenged from other scraps of outfits and trashbags, giving the appearance that the wearer is "wasted" (hence the name). It only consists of two items.


The Jacket is a tangle of straps with garbage bags tied to the arms.


The Pants are a pair of ragged 3/4 lenth cargos shorts with toed socks and sandals.


  • The Jacket is an expanded version of the default Resistance Jacket, The Straps.
  • The Wasted is often depicted with The Scruff hair.


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