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Tokmak Select Icon.png
Type Handgun
Sub-Type Pistol
Damage 24
Rate of Fire 0.132
Accuracy Stand 2.0
Crouch 1.8
Sight 1.6
Reload Speed 1.452
Equip Speed 0.231
Ammo Clip/Max 18/54/72

The Tokmak is a Pistol in Brink.


The Tokmak is the large-capacity pistol of Brink. Featuring a magazine size 50% larger than the Kalt (and for that matter an ammo count higher than all of the handguns) as well as average stability, this weapon specializes in prolonged engagements and firing from unstable positions.

The downside to this is that it has relatively poor damage and accuracy, making ranged engagements a liability. None of the Attachments available for it go any way to remedying this downside, limiting its versatility.






Player Notes[]

  • This weapon benefits most from Rapid Fire, as it almost removes the firing delay present with all semi-automatic pistols.
  • Due to its already poor damage, the Silencer is not as applicable for this weapon as with other pistols.
  • Even with its already high mag size, the Tokmak can be made better with a high capacity magazine


  • It appears to be heavily based off a current production Bul Cherokee.
  • The name may be derived from both the TT-33 and the Pistolet Makarova, otherwise known as the Tokarev and the Makarov pistols, respectively. Thus, the name is an amalgamation of the two creators' names.
  • Considering its size, it would be very difficult to pull the slide, as it is rather thin and there is little to grip on to.


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