Brink Wiki

Snoop-R Scope on a light rifle.

Top Attachments are a type of weapon attachment in Brink, and can be outfitted to a weapon through the Weapon Customization menu. The purpose of top attachments is to either provide a better sight or enhanced zoom while aiming down the sights, and both are accomplished through the use of sights and scopes.


Sights are top attachments that provide a better reticule for aiming. Though they lack the enhanced magnification that scopes provide, sights are lighter and are highly useful in close ranges.

  • Standard Iron Sights
    The stock iron sights available on the gun.
  • Adjusted Iron Sights
    This upgrades iron sights by letting you aim down the sights without zooming, thus giving you better peripheral vision.
  • YeoTek Red Dot Sight
    An improved red dot sight in the shape of a square.
  • D-Flex Red Dot Sight
    A simple sight with an arch shaped aperture and a dot in the middle.
  • C-U-Gone Red Dot Sight
    A circular sight with a dot in the middle.


Scopes allow the player to receive an ehanced view of the battlefield through a zoom. Weapons equipped with scope attachments are more potent at longer ranges; however, these attachments are often heavy, slowing down draw speed, and are a hindrance when aiming down the sights at close range.

  • COGA Scope
    A medium-sized scope that allows for a slight zoom.
  • Greeneye Scope
    A miniature scope; a compact, stylish version of the COGA. This scope is available only through the Spec Ops Pack.
  • Snoop-R Scope
    A massive sniper scope that has the highest magnification setting possible.