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Tower Defense
Console Name sp/challenge_03
Attacker Security
Objectives 2
Areas 1
MG Nests 0

Tower Defense is a Challenge in Brink. This is the final challenge available as of the release date of Brink. Tower Defense involves using an Engineer class character in order to defend a single Command Post from waves of enemies.


The challenge starts once a player enters the main area past the green gate. All deaths respawn in the off-map area. Waves of enemies will start to spawn as soon as the player captures the command post on the "tower" in the middle of the map. Enemies will enter through the flashing doors. No new enemies will spawn until all from the round are dead. After that, different things will occur depending on the star level.

One Star: There will be three rounds total. All "waves" will spawn 1 enemy per door. The first round, containing five waves, will spawn at only one door. The second round will spawn at two doors and repeat three times, and the third round will spawn at 3 doors twice. This is a relatively easy round to complete and will unlock upgraded iron sights, along with some other gear.

Two Star: There will be three rounds total. All waves will spawn 2 enemies per door and the round sequence will follow the one star order. Completing will unlock various gear, including a unique assault rifle.

Three Star: There will be three rounds total. All waves will spawn 3 enemies per door. Round 1 contains six waves and will spawn at one door only. Round 2 contains three waves and will spawn at two doors. Round 3 contains two waves and will spawn at three doors. It is recommended that a player has some special gear unlocked (Turrets, Pyro Mines, Grenade Launcher (Under-Barrel)) before attempting.


The challenge score is based on the amount of time it takes to complete all the objectives. Bonus score can be acquired by assisting teammates, killing by headshots, and grenade knockdowns. Also, completing objectives such as deploying and repairing turrets gives a small boost to a players score.

Video Guides[]

Guide for completing the three star challenge: thumb|500px|left|A useful source for beating the three star challenge.

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