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BRINK UAV icon.png
Class Operative
DLC Agents of Change
Rank 5
Passive False

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is an Operative Ability in Brink.


The UAV allows you to place or remotely control a small spy drone. Any enemies the UAV sees, your teammates see. You can also remotely detonate it.


The UAV is a reconnaissance tool for Operatives that allows them to passively mark enemies on their team's radar within a certain area. The drone must be deployed, and, as such, it is best placed out of the way or behind cover. Currently there is no cooldown timer between UAV placements, though only one may be placed at one time.

The UAV can be remote controlled in a similar fashion to Control Turret. The player can look at the drone, even through walls, and press the Use key to initiate direct control. At this point the drone will begin flying at a certain height above the ground (it cannot ascend or descend manually) and may be detonated with the Grenade button.

Detonation requires the button to be held for a period of time, similar to that of Cortex Bomb. As such, it benefits from similar tactics of pre-emptively initiating detonation on enemy approach.


  • You can hear a UAV being called in at 3:07 on the early Container City Walkthrough, Part 1.
  • The UAV is lightly armored meaning it can be easily destroyed by turret fire or heavy small arms fire.
  • The player can make the UAV go slightly up or down by pressing the crouching (down) or the jumoing (up) button.


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