Brink Wiki
Underslung Grenade Launcher
Type Bottom
Unlock Tower Defense *
Pro Contact-Detonated Grenades
Con Decreased Equip Speed, Accuracy, Stability

Underslung Grenade Launcher is an Attachment in Brink.


With this attached, you will no longer throw your Frag Grenades by hand, but instead will shoot them. They will also detonate on contact instead of on a timer.


Underslung Grenade Launcher is a Bottom Attachment for Assault Rifles that launches Frag Grenades instead of throwing them normally. In exchange the weapon is slightly less accurate and takes longer to equip.

Grenades launched are upgraded with Frag Blast and Grenade Damage. The only difference is that there is no throwing animation and the grenades detonate on impact.

Since the grenade detonates on contact, it is impossible for a launched grenade to bounce around corners or behind cover, making it necessary to switch to a secondary (or primary with a heavy archetype) to throw grenades normally.

The launcher can be extremely useful however, when one does not have the oppourtunity to cook a grenade to deal with the immediate threat, or needs to knock down an enemy before reloading.

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