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SnooPING AS usual I see!

About me[]

(What should be the caption to the adjacent photo of his gloriousness)

I am relatively new to wiki editing, but I have been visiting them for some time.

I orginally made this account for the fallout wiki. Since then I have expanded.

I play on Xbox 360.

Games I am currently playing:

  • Halo:Reach
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • and especially Bad Company 2.

In serious, OCD induced , mind tearing anticipation of Brink, possibly pre-ording Fallout Pack, if I can.

Thinking of starting a clan, don't know what the hell it'll be like (I've never made a clan before), I might even start it, but not run it, and instead give it to someone I know well who knows what he is doing. Any input would be helpful.

My favorite pages[]

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