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Hello! I am Piratehunter [gasp!]. I am an English and Foreign Language teacher, video game fanatic, and "full time" traceur, of which I generally consider myself a pro at all three (hehe). That's just my way of saying that if you have any questions regarding those subjects feel free to ask! I also have a tendency to be very, if not overly professional when I feel the situation calls for it, so please try not to take me as "hostile" if I start to get viscous with an argument, I typically won't bite anyone :P. I've always been pretty big with Bethesda ever since Morrowind, and Fallout 3, and as one can imagine I was pretty ecstatic when I heard about the upcoming Brink and its parkour inclusion(s); hoping for an improved Mirror's Edge, I suppose. I have a pretty hefty amount of Wiki experience, as I am administrator/bureaucrat on several. So if you have any questions regarding wiki-usage, feel free to ask. Happy Editing!