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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 14 May 2011

DLC 1 announced

A DLC has just been announced by SD here with info for the PC patch from Steam. The DLC will be free and contains new maps, gamemodes and possibly new customization features. The date for the DLC hasn't been announced but expect it after PSN is back up so it will be fair for all players.

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 12 May 2011

My review

This could very well be the funnest shooter I have ever played. My lungs can finally rest because they done have to work for my rage quitting and annoyance because of lag in Black ops. I rate 10/10 all the way. The weapon customization is very satisfying because of the amount of attachments you can obtain. The challenges are fun. The character customization is revolutionary. The SMART system is perfect and I have had no mistakes with where I am moving and, last but not least, the story and it's plausibility. I am currently level 9 now on the 09:59, May 12, 2011 (UTC) and I can, for a second time, honestly say that this outplays CoD altogether. With Halo's team-based gameplay and CoD's "realism" crossed with parkour makes the best shooter o…

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 24 April 2011

Brink wiki popularity

I have been thinking about how successful this wiki might become when the games comes out. Does anyone think this wiki will become as popular as BL wiki? CoD wiki? or even The Vault? Tell me in comments.

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 12 April 2011

Brink system requirements

Today, Splash Damage released the system requirements for Brink. First up, we can confirm that Brink will be making full use of Valve's Steamworks framework, which will provide a host of useful things for PC players, including the following:

Voice Chat Valve Anti Cheat Friends support (including invites and joining sessions in progress) Steam Cloud (for save data) Challenge Leaderboards Steam Achievements

"This also means that you'll be able to plug your product key straight into Steam and download Brink no matter where you are in the world - no disc required. Of course, you'll also be getting any new game updates automatically upon signing into your account, and you'll have access to things like the Steam Community.

But wait, …

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 5 April 2011

Newest Brink trailer

Splash Damage has just released a new trailer named 'ready and able'. The trailer showcases abilities and has lots of new content. See the new trailer here!

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